Company name C&C Co., Ltd.
Location 54-5 Tgamizawa Araya Kosaka-machi, Kazuno-gun, Akita 017-0204 japan
Telephone number 0186-29-2976
Fax number0186-29-3018
Established.December 21,2002
Representative Representative Director Toshiaki Asaishi
Executive vice-president Officers Director Yukio Seitou, Director and
Director, Hiroaki Metoki
Capital 21 million yen
Number of employees 41 men, 7 women, 47 in total
Description of business Steel structure construction business, machinery and equipment installation construction business, construction work business, tobi and earthwork business, earth work and woodworking business, pipe work business, design work of incidental incidental to the same, radio wave darkroom construction
Approval of construction industry, etc. Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Certified M-Grade TFBM-1
93627 Class 1 Pressure Vessel Production Permission Akiyuki (-)
No. 45 Akita Prefecture Bid Rating Machinery Equipment In
stallation Construction Class Class Akita Class Akita Cla
ss Akita Building Rating Construction Construction Civil E
ngineering, Construction, Tobi Earthwork, Steel Structures, Electricity and Pipe Works (Special-29) No.
81694 Mechanical and Equipment Installation Work (General-29) No.
81694 Class 1 Architect Office Registration, Akita Prefectural Governor No.18-10A-0650
Main business partners Kosaka Smelting & Refining Co., Ltd., Akita Engineering Co., Ltd., DOWA Techno Engineering Co., Ltd., Kawada Construction Co., Ltd., Hitachi Zosen Co., Ltd., E&C Engineering Co., Ltd., Kawada Industries,Inc.TDK Co., Ltd. Fuji Sash Co., Ltd., Nihon Spindle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,
Cottrell Engineering Co., Ltd., Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co., Ltd., River Lands Engineering Co., Ltd., Tanax Co., Ltd., Taiyo Nippon Sanso Co., Ltd., Tomoe Kikai Kogyo Co., Ltd.Chichibu Industry Co., Ltd., Kobelco Eco-Maintenance Co., Ltd., Koitabashi Construction Co., Ltd., Yurtec Co., Inc., Kazuno Wide Area Administrative Association, Kosaka Town, Kazuno Regional Development Bureau, Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Co., Ltd.Kosaka Construction Co., Ltd., Takuma Co., Ltd., JFE Engineering Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd., Kamakura Seisakusyo, Ebara Corporation


April 1, 1953Established Seitou-tekkousyo Co., Ltd. Kosaka Smelter & Refining Co., Ltd.,construction and repair work
April 1, 1960Started operation as Tada-gumi Iron works Division Co., Ltd.
July 23, 1993The Iron works division of Tada-gumi Co., Ltd. and Seitou-tekossyo Co., Ltd. merged (the merger resulted in the organization of the Tada-gumi Iron Works Division Co., Ltd.)
April 1, 1995Changed the company name from Tada-gumi Co., Ltd. to Tanax Co., Ltd.
December 21, 2002Established C &C Limited company.
February 1, 2003Transferred 20 employees and employees from Tanax Co., Ltd.
January 31, 2004Acquired all factory machinery and equipment from Tanax
February 11, 2007Opened Tokyo Sales Department
February 1, 2008Production system from the original plate by the introduction of plasma cutting machine equipment
February 1, 2009 Company name changed to C&C Co., Ltd.
November 2011Toshiba Co., Ltd. Quality Certification at Keihin Plant
April 17, 2012Capital increased to 21 million yen.
June 13, 2012Architecture, electric, tube, and Steel structure business are specified in the construction industry.
November ,2014Toshiba Co., Ltd. Updated Quality Certification at Keihin Plant
December ,2017Introduction of 500t press
May ,2018Heisei 30 Pedestrian First Model Office
December ,2018 Plasma cutting machine update (for thickness 50mm)