Plasma Cutting Machine Komatsu Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. 2,500×12,3001
Auto Drill Machine Showa Seiko Co., Ltd. 1,000×1,6001
Welded steel strain correction machine Tanaka Koki Co., Ltd. Width=600, H=1,8001
Bending Roll Co., Ltd. Kurimoto Iron Works Co., Ltd. 230t, width = 30001
Hydraulic press 500t1
Shaped steel band sawer Co., Ltd. Amada Cutting H=450~10003
Shearing machine (up to 13t x 2,500)2
Radial ball board3
Pending roll (for small diameter) width =24001
Opening machine (1000H) (2000H)2
Turning Roll3
Core Universal Inversion Machine4
Universal inversion machine for shaped steel1
Shot Blasting Machine2
Air Blast Machine1
Ceiling crane (15t+5t)1
Ceiling crane (4.8t, 5.0t)4
Ceiling Crane (2.8t)5
Ceiling crane (katamon type 2.8t)7
Merge Welder1
Semi-automatic welding machine18
Simple automatic welding machine2
Tig Welding Machine3
AC Arc Welding Machine8
Stud Welding Machine1
Magnetic drilling machine16
Plasma cutting machine3
Plasma Gouging1
CNC Drill Polishing Machine Co., Ltd. Amada Cutting1
Inspection equipment Rebar probe, bolt shaft force meter, torque wrench, weld gauge ammeter
, gap gauge, film thickness meter, surface thermometer, ultrasonic flaw detector

Qualifications to be held

Qualifications, licenses and coursesType of speciesNumber of qualified persons
an architectFirst-class1
Second class4
Architectural Construction Management EngineerFirst-class3
Second class2
Civil Engineering and Construction Management EngineerFirst-class2
Second class3
Pipe construction construction management engineerFirst-class1
Electrical construction management engineerFirst-class1
Landscape Architect And Construction Management EngineerSecond class1
Non-destructive inspection technician
 Solvent-removable permeation inspectionLevel 11
Level 21
 Ultrasound inspectionLevel 11
Building Steel Ultrasonic Inspection Technician1
Welding Management Engineer (WES8103)First-class1
Second class10
Steel production management engineerFirst-class4
Second class1
Building Steel MaterialS Inspection Engineer7
Structure current figure skillFirst-class technicians1
Work chief of steel assembly, etc.4
Chief of work for steel bridge construction, etc.2
Work chief of scaffoldassembly, etc.3
Organic solvent work manager9
Work chief of work such as assembly of formwork support ing co-workers1
Egg work43
Grinding wheel replacement35
Dust work3
Industrial Robots1
Small mobile crane19
Floor-operated crane36
Mobile crane driver1
Vehicle-based construction machinery operation engineer2
High-rise work car driver10
Forklift Driver16
Gondola operation4
Gas welding work25
Arc welding work14
Arc welding
Basic classN-2F1
Specialized levelN-3V1
Semi-automatic welding
Basic classSA-2F18
Specialized levelSA-2V9
Stainless steel welding
Basic classA-2F1
Specialized levelCN-V1
Basic classTN-F6
Specialized levelTN-V3
Foreman Education21
Health and Safety Officer Training10
Dangerous Goods Handling4