Mr. Takahiro Kodate, Manufacturing
Division, Manufacturing Department

Q. Opportunity of the entering a company
A. As there was a short-term course in the ability for Akita occupation development short-term college of Odate after having resigned from a previous job, I had you commune there for six months, but there was an opportunity to touch the CAD there and was interested.
As the job offer of this company is given after the graduation in around one month, and there was work of the drawing figures by the CAD that was interested in duties contents, it is an opportunity that I applied.

Q. Charm of the company
A.I am inexperienced and entered the company, but tells you carefully so that it is said that it is saying “there is such a way” that seniors are, “I do it in this way” when I work alone. I think that it is a service-minded company.

Q. Charm of the local employment
A. As a parent is nearby, when there was anything, you can help me and are reliable.