Hi, I’m Toshiaki Asaishi.
C&C. Co., Ltd. is a company that started in Heisei 14 with the philosophy of C:Create, And, and Contribute, and Contribute.We have made a lot of things about iron.From now on, we will continue to make materials in a wide range of fields, not just steel frames, from bridges, tanks, chimneys, and factory plants to buildings.Sales of 700 million yen in 2019 and 230 million yen in equity.Thank you in the future.

Representative Director Toshiaki Asaishi

Corporate philosophy

We make full use of our experience, skills, and skills to take on the challenge of new things.

First of all, “companies are people” and “making things is from man-made”, we fulfill our social responsibilities as a company
and contribute to society through “warm-flow management” of respect for human beings.

Continuous improvement of quality management system.