Qualification acquisition

Qualifications that can be acquired by our company

Architectural construction management engineer (1st and 2nd class)
Civil engineering and construction management engineer (1st and 2nd class)
Architect (1st and 2nd grade)
Pipe construction construction management engineer (1st and 2nd class)
Electrical construction management engineer (1st and 2nd class)
First-class steel production management engineer
2nd-class steel production management engineer
Building Steel Ultrasonic Inspection Technician
Building Steel MaterialS Inspection Engineer
Non-destructive inspection technician (solvent-removable permeation deep wound inspection 1 type, ultrasonic deep wound inspection level 2, 1)
ISO 14731/WES8103 (special class, 1st grade, 2nd class)
Arc JIS3801 (N-3F, N-3V, N-3H, N-3O, N-3P)
Semi-automatic JIS3841 (SA-3F, SA-3V, SA-3H, SA-3O, SA-3P)

There are various qualifications besides the acquisition of our qualification list.
Please try to acquire various qualifications by all means.

●Firm support until acquisition

・We will back you up in full with the company to obtain qualifications.
・We will assist you in participating in various courses, the cost of acquiring qualifications, travel expenses, and per diem.
We also support study sessions, preparatory courses, skills practice, etc. within the company.

●Eligibility allowance stipend for qualified holders

Each qualification has a one-time payment system and monthly qualification allowance, depending on the difficulty and importance of the qualification.
Example: “Iron workman first class” acquisition lump-time money 50,000 yen

Welfare benefits

Employee Training Trip

・Annual event R1 Nikko, Tokyo SkyTree, Asakusa, h29 Sendai, Matsushima, H28 Kanazawa H26 Hiroshima, Miyajima

Provision of full qualification fee

・We will assist you in various qualification acquisition costs, travel expenses, per diem, etc.

Training dispatch system

・Dispatch to training sessions, training sessions, vocational training schools (two years).

In-house recognition system

・Excellent winner of welding competition, deputy prize, kim ichi-seal, person who contributed significantly to the company, deputy prize Kim Ichi-seal, R1 1 person

Recreation Circle

Annual Event April Hanami
June Training Trip: R1 Nikko to Tokyo October Kuritanpokai De
cember One Night Annual Year-end Party

Training Trip
Cherry Blossom Viewing Party