Inquiries about hiring

Please feel free to contact the General Affairs Division of the Head Office for details and how to apply.
Please contact us by email.


Job OpeningsSkillworkers, welders, field managers, technical positions, sales jobs, construction management
Salary162,000 to 420,000
AllowancesQualification allowance, job title allowance, business trip allowance
Rising salaryOnce a year
AwardTwice a year
Working hours8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Holiday holidaysSunday.2nd,4th Saturday.Obon.Year-end and New Year's Holidays according to the company calendar
Welfare benefits
How to applyHello Work Jobs
Selection methodInterview. Basic Ability Diagnosis, Personal Diagnosis
Documents to be submittedBring your resume (photo attached)