Mr. Fong (24 years old, from Vietnam)

Why did you choose to practice?

I have always wanted to work in Japan, and i thought that it would require study and various experiences to do so.
While searching the web for information about Japanese companies, I looked at the website of Sea & Sea Co., Ltd. and found that i was interested in being a big steel company and making big products like tanks, and i wanted to enter if I had a chance.

Please tell us how you think of your work.

I had the opportunity to use various kinds of machines, and little by little, I learned my work.
In addition, working with people from the company every day is also where I am getting used to the Japanese language and culture.

What is your goal?

After three years of practical training, I want to go back to Vietnam and join a Japanese company.
And, i want to start a business in the future when there is a chance.
In private, I want to save money and marry someone from my home country.
My big dream is to build a Japanese language school in my hometown. 

What are your hobbies?

Listening to music.
As a genre, I like classical music, and I can draw a bit of guitar.

More about Kosaka

It's a quiet, peaceful and good city, but it's not cold.
I'm going back to Japan in three years, but I'd like to come to Sea and Sea to work if I get the chance.