Planning And Sales Department

It is mainly the business of patrolling existing customers, negotiating business negotiations about their products and services, introducing products, and conducting proposal sales. Patrol multiple customers.Customers are often major companies, and there is also a style in which they travel back and forth between their company and their customers on a daily day.We also make estimates and estimates for your drawings.

  • I look for a job so that people in the factory can work.
  • We sell our technology and connect people.
  • We exchange information with customers who have transactions all over the country.
  • It is a department like our signboard which starts with "Greeting" and receives the order of work while responding to the voice of the customer.

Manufacturing Department Manufacturing Division

Technical position: To create drawings for the production of cans, bridges, etc. of various plant factories.Using CAD, various drawings, drawings, blueprints, etc. are created.Process management of the work making is carried out.
Skilled workers: Work in the manufacturing process, form steel, steel sheet, etc. are performed in the factory.  
Welding work for steel parts, bridge parts, and cans in the factory.

Technical Affairs, Manufacturing Division

  • The main job of a manufacturing manager is factory production management.
  • Specifically, it is an important task that is required to prevent equipment and quality problems and to continue safety first.
  • In response to the manufacturing requirements of customers, we consider the detailed dimensions and methods of connecting parts, and we create drawings in CAD, determine the manufacturing method, and issue processing instructions, which is the highlight of the power of the Manufacturing Division.
  • For our company, which is a manufacturing business, we are working with confidence and pride in our knowledge in the department that controls the manufacturing plan.

Manufacturing Division Manufacturing Section

  • The job of the manufacturing officer (who makes products in factories) is to process steel materials into a determined form by cutting, bending, assembling, and welding steel materials based on the processing instructions produced by the technical staff.
  • The most important thing in manufacturing is to see, confirm, and feel with your own eyes.
  • For example, when a trouble occurs, it will always come out that cannot be solved by what you have heard from or the theory on your desk.After all, by looking at the local and physical situations, you can devise countermeasures that are in line with the actual situation, and measures that take the essence.
  • It is a confirmed department of our company which can be called the origin of manufacturing.We combine steel processing technology and work with advanced skills.  

Manufacturing Department Inspection Division

The production work produced in the factory is inspected for each process.Dimensional inspection, appearance inspection, non-destructive inspection, operation inspection, etc.

  • The job of the inspection department is to check and inspect the steady quality of products that change from time to day.
  • These can be obtained by piling up each and every product by steadily working, and the product of the target quality is obtained, the defect is early detected, and the mistake of the product is reduced.
  • In the end, we will check the quality control of the product for each content (material, product appearance, dimensions, welding, painting and plating) to ensure that it meets the requirements of the customer.
  • We will explain our company's technology and quality to our customers in a steady activity.It is a rewarding department that can receive customers' high reputation directly.

Construction Division, Manufacturing Department

Works and machinery and equipment created at the factory are assembled at each site.Civil engineering work, construction work, steel structure construction, machinery and equipment installation work, etc.

  • The construction section is the job of assembling, welding, and painting products manufactured by our company locally and providing finished products to customers.
  • We will consider what form it will look like when we assemble it, and we will consider the size, weight, and assembly methods between the parts, and whether or not we can be lifted by a crane, and we will make a feasible plan.
  • In the process of assembling the product, we solve various problems, and the appearance of the product is completed, and we can feel the impression as our company which makes manufacturing.

Design Division

  • The design develops and designs the building and equipment.
  • This department is a department that is well versed in the characteristics of materials such as soil, wood, iron, and concrete, and designs buildings, factories, bridges, large chimneys and tanks by filling a wide range of knowledge into a single product.

General Affairs Division

  • The job of the General Affairs Department is to support employees.
  • We carry out employee benefits, labor management, general affairs, various notifications and applications.There are many different types of work.
  • Communicating with employees and visitors is an important task.By touching it brightly with a smile, it acts like a mood maker.